Drivers “Flock” To Certain DUI Checkpoint

One more reason not to drink and drive

Here's a novel idea that mixes the very good and the very bad of the holiday season.

The Salinas Police Department has added a turkey giveaway to this week's DUI checkpoint.

Officers will give turkeys to some  of the drivers who successfully pass through the drunk driving stop Tuesday night.

It wasn't clear how the lucky winners will be chosen, but the turkeys themselves come from donations from local businesses, members of the department and any private citizen who wants to hand over a bird.

This is the seventh year Salinas police have added a giveaway to the Thanksgiving week DUI checkpoint.

It's become so popular, Salinas police are now asking drivers not to go through the checkpoint more than once just to try to win a turkey.

Police keep the location secret ahead of set up.

This is probably the only DUI check point in Northern California that has drivers hunting it down instead of doing whatever it takes to avoid the area.

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