Zuckerberg Checks Out Vancouver Scene

So why was  Mark Zuckerberg in Vancouver, B.C., anyway? Sure, he could be there for the Japa Dogs, or was he there checking out the tech scene?

Speculation by British Columbians seemed to run amok, according to the Vancouver Sun. The 27-year-old Facebook founder might have traveled there last week to meet with the owners of HootSuite, or conduct business at the University of British Columbia (only a stone's throw from Japa Dog where he was photographed by a passerby.) The Sun suggested he might even be talking to video game developers about a Facebook partnership or buying a house in the area.

We think it's most likely business-related. As lovely as Vancouver is, the Bay Area has the same mix of urban grittiness and beauty, so we don't see it as exotic enough for a holiday hideaway. It's most likely that Zuckerberg was looking into acquiring a video game developer that could help the social network build its own online game store.

Perhaps we're wrong and Zuckerberg was there on a secret recruiting mission to find Canadian engineers, but we doubt it.

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