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'It Hurts So Bad:' Wife of Missing SF Uber Driver Makes Tearful Plea to Public

The wife of a missing San Francisco man made an emotional plea Wednesday night, saying she believes her husband is "hurting somewhere" and needs help.

Police say there's no trace of Piseth Chhay, 48, or his car. Chhay, who has been married for 20 years and has two children, left home Sunday to help a friend. The friend said he never showed up, and he hasn't been back home since he left.

His wife, Rattana Kim, says she suspects foul play because it's unusual for Chhay to be away from his family for even half a day.

"It hurts, it hurts so bad," Kim said.

Kim calls Chhay a truly dedicated family man, a loving father to his sons, 8-year-old Jaden and 11-year-old Brandon.

"It hurts when I hear my son say, 'Where is Daddy?' and 'When is Daddy coming home?'" Kim said.

Chhay drives a 2008 silver Mercedes SUV and uses it while working as an Uber driver. Though he was not working Sunday, he told a relative that a customer had left a phone in his vehicle, and he wanted to return it.

"People take advantage of his generosity and hurt him," Kim said.

Tracking Chhay's phone is not possible; for some reason, it's turned off. Police are helping with the search, but Kim Wants the public to look too.

"Anybody, please bring him home, please bring him home," she said.

Chhay's family says Uber requires a court order to track his phone or identify his passengers. They're still waiting for a judge to sign it.

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