Wild Turkey Does no Drinking – Plenty of Eating

Squawking bird is talk of neighborhood

Some garbagemen in Mill Valley have made a noisy, gluttonous, but entertaining fine-feathered friend.

They say a wild turkey has begun following garbage trucks for the last year as they wind from house to house in one Mill Valley neighborhood.

The Marin Independent Journal is showing video of the bird as it meanders behind the garbage trucks and periodically pecks scraps of food left behind by them.

The Marin IJ reports the bird usually joins his garbage buddies near the intersection of Throckmorton Avenue and Eugene Street in the Cascade Canyon neighborhood of Mill Valley.

The turkey's antics have become notorious in the neighborhood. People say they enjoy watching the bird as it patiently waits for the trucks to leave scraps behind.

"Usually people jogging will come running up, see him and want to talk about it," one garbage man said.

To read more about the bird check out the Marin IJ article.

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