San Francisco

Wildfires and Heat Waves Could Be the New Normal in Bay Area: Experts

Massive wildfires and stifling heat waves are the new normal for the Bay Area, according to some climate experts.

While Monday saw a drop in temperatures, the Bay Area was reeling from a recent heat wave that brought record heat to a number of cities, including a shocking 106 degrees in San Francisco on Friday.

Alison Bridger, professor of meteorology at San Jose State University, said the Bay Area hasn't quite arrived at the new normal yet. She said the more carbon dioxide we continue pumping into the atmosphere, the more extreme weather we will experience.

"We haven’t finished changing yet," Bridger said. "We have a ridge of high pressure that sat over us, giving us these very warm temperatures. It’s been stronger than average and more importantly it hasn’t moved."

Extreme weather is making its mark all over the country, with Hurricane Harvey inundating south Texas and now Hurricane Irma, a dangerous Category 4 heading toward Florida.

"I don’t know how bad things have to get before we realize we have to make some radical changes," Bridger said.

Those radical changes, according to Bridger, may include switching to solar and wind for power.

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