Google+ Deletes Steve Jobs?

Recently Google+ revamped its policy on names -- no real name, no service -- around the same time that some people noticed an addition to the new network -- Apple founder and chief executive Steve Jobs.

While it's unknown if this was the real Steve Jobs, it used his likeness and numerous Jobs buzzwords in the "About" section: "I'm looking for a fixer-upper with a solid foundation. Am willing to tear down walls, build bridges, and light fires. I have great experience, lots of energy, a bit of that 'vision thing,' and I'm not afraid to start from the beginning," according to CNET.

But by late Wednesday, the account seemed to be missing from Google+. So did Google ax Steve Jobs? Or was it merely ridding the social network of another fake name? If so, it still hasn't gotten rid of "False Steve Jobs"

While we don't really think the account was from the real Steve Jobs (he could never be that self-deprecating,) it does make us wonder how Google+ knows who's authentic and who's not? Chances are they don't either . . . until they get complaints.

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