Will the Royal Wedding Live Stream Break YouTube?

For the first time in history, a "Royal Wedding" will be live streamed on YouTube. But can the world's largest video sharing website handle what is sure to be an unprecedented amount of traffic?

On April 29, Prince William and Kate Middleton will officially wedded. Just like the late Princess Diana's wedding to Prince Charles, the wedding will be extravagantly elaborate and overly celebrated, even if you don't have any relation to the Royal family. YouTube is joining the tabloid frenzy with the official Royal Channel, where every step and (possibly misstep) will be broadcast live.

But watching a live broadcast is so not how things are done anymore. Viewers are also encouraged to share their congrats on an official "wedding book" on YouTube as well. So is YouTube prepared to handle the uptick in views?

Hard to say, but my natural guess is yes. Unlike Twitter that's always going down and bringing up the Fail Whale, YouTube rarely goes down. It wouldn't undertake such a huge challenge if it didn't feel it was prepared for a server overload now would it?

I mean, YouTube didn't even offer a live stream for President Barack Obama's historic inauguration speech. And that was big!

Via DailyMail

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