Donald Trump

Will Trump Soften Immigration Stance? Bay Area Skeptics Abound

Donald Trump has called for a more inclusive GOP, which earned him some rare praise within the Republican party.

The GOP presidential nominee is scheduled to speak on immigration issues in Colorado on Thursday, and while his latest musings may give the appearance he is softening his stance, some in the Bay Area are still skeptical.

"I don’t think he really understands communities of color," said Ana Torres, an Oakland schoolteacher who was an activist in her college days.

Torres has followed the presidential race closely, especially Trump’s stance on immigration.

"A lot of students that we work with and their parents are undocumented and afraid," she said.

Regardless of what Trump says now, Torres is not swayed and does not support him. Torres was convinced back in May, when Trump said about illegal immigrants: "They’re going to be deported. We have many illegals in the country, and we have to get them out."

When asked Sunday about mobilizing a deportation force if Trump becomes president, Trump's new campaign manager said that’s still to be determined.

"Perhaps his new campaign manager has realized the Latino vote is important. And it is," Torres said.

This weekend, Trump met with a new group of Hispanic advisers. But many believe he will stand firm on tightening immigration policies, that his position has not changed and likely won't.

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