140 Characters Is All Will.I.Am Needs to Rip AT&T

Will.i.am might want to consider ditching his AT&T Blackberry for a Verizon iPhone.

The Black Eyed Peas' singer and known Blackberry user took his frustration out his network carrier after tweets he tried to send during his halftime Super Bowl performance Sunday wouldn't chirp.

Will.i.am, who is also a pitchman for  Blackberry-maker RIM, was sending tweets out before his performance talking about how nervous he was.

But his butterflies quickly turned into anger when the singer said his AT&T service went dead in the middle of the stadium.

"Att crashed ... ahhhh!!!!" He tweeted after the game. "The worse.'' He later tweeted "At&t??? Wow...no service during halftime...unbelievable."

The tweets have since been deleted.

AT&T did not respond for a comment from the Associated Press. This is not the first time the much-maligned network has had problems with too many users locked into a space in Texas.

At SXSW in 2009, some iPhone users complained they couldn't access the network within one mile of a venue hosting an event.

Sunday will.i.am could have simply run into a power mightier than AT&T: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's in-game tweeting ban.

The singer could also find problems with Verizon's new iPhone-enabled network. The cellular provider says it will intentionally slow iPhone data hogs.

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