Willow Glen Businesses Targeted By Vandals

Surveillance video shows Baskin-Robbins’ window shattered by a bullet

The search is on for vandals targeting businesses in a South Bay neighborhood. Surveillance video from the Baskin-Robbins in San Jose’s Willow Glen neighborhood shows a glass door being shot out early Wednesday morning.

It happened just before 2 a.m. A few minutes later, a bullet shattered a window next to the door. David Belardi, the ice cream store’s owner, said he found a steel ball within the debris.

Belardi believes it may have been kids who shot out his windows and vandalized other businesses on nearby Lincoln Avenue a few days ago. "We're just hoping it doesn't happen again,” Belardi said. “People are a lot more alerted now around here, all the businesses, since there are three of us who got hit."

Police don't have a motive for the vandalism.

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