Wily Coyote's Wild California Ride

Animal struck by car, gets trapped behind grill

A coyote struck by a fast-moving car near the Nevada-Utah border apparently became trapped by the vehicle's grill and rode for several hours all the way west to the foothills east of Sacramento.

This coyote apparently got hit by a Honda and trapped in the front of the car.

After a long ride across Interstate 80, the wily critter was trapped and taken to the Penn Valley-based Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release center. It later managed to escape from a kennel. It hasn't been seen since, rehabilitation center volunteer Jan Crowell said Monday.

Crowell said she got a call Oct. 12 by some people who said the animal was stuck in the front of their car.

The group was riding in a Honda at about 75 m.p.h. along I-80 when they saw some coyotes running nearby. One of the coyotes ran in front of the car.

Thy didn't realize that one of the coyotes was stuck in the car's grill until after they returned home to Nevada County, about eight to 10 hours later.

Crowell said she brought a catch pole, an animal carrier, gloves and blankets to contain the coyote.

When she arrived, she said the owners of the car were taking the screws out of the car's grill in an effort to get the animal out.

When the grill was pulled forward, the coyote poked its head out.

Crowell said she placed the loop of the catch pole around the coyote's neck and put the creature into a dog carrier.

This article originally appeared on KCRA.com.

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