Suspects in North Bay Armored Car Shooting Tied to Carjacking of Pokemon Go Player: Sheriff

Officials say the suspects are connected to several violent crimes across California.

Two men suspected of shooting and robbing an armored car guard in the North Bay are connected to several other violent crimes across California, including the carjacking of a Pokemon Go player.

Earlier in the day, Sergey Gutsu and his alleged accomplice, Ivan Morales, appeared in court. Both Gutsu and Morales are charged with attempted murder and armed robbery.

Investigators said Morales used a rifle to shoot and rob an armored car guard outside Windsor's Chase Bank on Tuesday afternoon.

Morales is charged as the shooter of the guard, while Gutsu is charged with possessing a firearm during the robbery.

The Sonoma County Sheriff's Office also confirmed late Thursday the two allegedly carjacked a man playing Pokemon Go at a Sacramento area park Sunday night, then used the car to commit the robbery and shooting in Windsor.

Carlos Alvarez was working inside the Verizon store next to the bank when it all went down. He is relieved the suspects are off the street.

"To think they're responsible to do such a crime, it's awful to think about," Alvarez said. "I think they should be locked away and definitely not out in the public for a long, long time."

Gutsu also faces attempted murder charges in Napa County for allegedly shooting at a Calistoga police officer. The officer in response rammed his patrol car into the suspect's SUV, injuring Gutsu's face.

Both Gutsu and Morales are also tied to at least two more crimes throughout the state.

Sonoma County Sheriff's Office said during the investigation into the Windsor robbery and shooting, detectives have linked the pair to an armed car robbery in Granada Hill and a robbery and homicide in San Dimas.

The armored car robbery took place in Granada Hills on Tuesday, March 29.

The robbery and homicide took place in San Dimas on June 2, 2015.

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