San Jose

Winter Wonderland! Snow Covers Bay Area Peaks, Roads

It's usually a rare surprise in the Bay Area, but snow on Monday once again returned to higher-elevation regions.

Resting slightly lower than the Bay Area's already snow-capped peaks, Highway 9 and Skyline Boulevard near Saratoga received a heavy dusting Monday morning. That location sits at about 2,000 feet in elevation.

Snow on Monday covered streets and trees along Highway 9 and Skyline Boulevard close to Saratoga.

Monday's snow comes on the heels of cold weather system on Sunday that covered several Bay Area peaks, including Mount Diablo in Contra Costa County, Mount Hamilton just east of San Jose and Mount Tamalpais in Marin County with the wintry mix. Those chilly temperatures combined with scattered showers also caused hail in several areas too.

Mount Diablo, which is about 3,800 feet, saw a good amount of snow, and Mount Tam, which is just above 2,500 feet, received a significant dusting.

Mount Hamilton, the tallest peak in the Bay Area at nearly 4,400 feet, was blanketed with snow.

Despite temperatures dipping into the low 30s Sunday night, most people welcomed the change of scenery.

"I think that's wonderful; I love to see snow," said Michael Pliner, of Saratoga.

The combination of near-freezing temeratures and scattered showers offered the potential for more snow and possible sleet at lower elevations around the region on Monday morning, according to forecasters.

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