Woman Couldn't Get Insurance Company to Honor Promise

It’s demolition time in Christie Goodin’s master bathroom...again. She first discovered water damage, caused by a leaking shower, three years ago. A contractor gave her the bad news.

“The bathroom’s gotta be gutted and redone,” Goodin said the contractor told her.

But the good news: Goodin’s homeowners insurance, AAA, said it would cover the cost of repairs - roughly $17,000. Goodin says AAA also made her a verbal promise: if she used one of its recommended contractors for the job, AAA would stand behind the work for five years.

“So I said, ‘Sure, I’ll go with who you suggest,’” Goodin said.

But just months after the job was complete, Goodin says her heated floor stopped working.

“I’m like, ‘Huh, it’s not working. I’ve got it to 100 and the floor is cold,’” Goodin said.

Goodin was worried this was a symptom of something more serious, like more water damage. So she called AAA. After all, she believed she had that five year guarantee. She said the company told her it would send out a contractor to look at her bathroom, but it never did. She said she kept calling AAA and sending emails, but no one responded.

“I thought you know what, I can’t stomach this, I just can’t,” said Goodin.

So Goodin reached out to us. We contacted AAA and the company got a contractor on the job right away.

“They will stand by and fix everything,” said Goodin.

The new contractor said the previous job was poorly done, and he had to gut the bathroom again.

Three months later, the bathroom is now done. It’s a job that likely cost thousands - money that might have come out of Goodin’s pocket if she hadn’t reached out to us.

“It’s a huge relief, huge relief, huge,” said Goodin.

We wanted to know more about the five-year guarantee Goodin said AAA offered her. But AAA wouldn’t comment, saying it doesn’t discuss personal or policy information with anyone other than its customers.

In a statement, AAA said: “We are glad we were able to address the policyholder’s concern. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.”

We recommend getting any guarantee you’re offered in writing, to protect yourself later.

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