Woman Drives ‘Recklessly' Into Antioch Marina, Security Guard Pulls Her Out

A 23-year-old security guard with five months on the job, who happened to see a woman drive into the Antioch City Marina, helped pull her to safety and then watch her get arrested for a misdemeanor DUI.

Antioch Police Sgt. Rick Smith also said the 41-year-old Oakland woman was taken to a hospital in Martinez, but couldn't detail much more because of patient privacy laws.

The call for help came in on Thursday about 10:30 p.m.

David Quintanilla, who works security at the marina, saw the woman drive "recklessly" in the parking lot of the marina and speed off the dock. "She just launched into the water," he said.

Quintanilla then shouted at her to take off her seatbelt, and he said he tried to camm her down as much as possible. He bent down, took her hand, and pulled her out of the window. Rescue crews from the Contra Costa Fire Department were called who then hauled her car out of the water, according to Battalion Chief Jim Huntze.

"I feel fortunate that I was here," Quintanilla said. "Thank God he put me in the right place at the right time."

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