Stephen Ellison

Woman, Pet Yorkie Attacked by Loose Dogs in San Jose

A San Jose woman and her small Yorkie dog were attacked earlier this week by two larger dogs in the city's Willow Glen district. Now, she’s worried those dogs are still on the loose and will strike again.

The attack happened Sunday in a crosswalk near River Glen Park in the city's Willow Glen district. Stacy Guenther was walking her pet dog Jackson when she noticed two larger dogs stalking them. She picked up her Yorkie to keep him safe, but that didn't stop the approaching dogs.

"The German shepherd grabbed Jackson out of my arms and just started flipping him like a rag doll. My phone goes flying," Guenther said. "I had that moment where I said, 'I’m not going to get killed trying to rescue my dog.' But I can’t not save my dog."

Guenther screamed, and a passerby honked her horn, distracting the dogs. Guenther grabbed Jackson and jumped into the stranger’s car.

Jackson's wounds came dangerously close to the his spleen, but he was expected to recover. Guenther worries things might not end so well next time.

"If those dogs came into contact with kids or kids playing in their yard with their pet, it could have been even way worse," she said.

The dogs are described as a German shepherd and some sort of a boxer-bulldog mix.

Other dog owners at River Glen Park could believe the viciousness of the attack.

"That’s very shocking to hear that," Rani Parayno said. "I’ve been here for a year and have never seen anything happen."

Police responded to the incident but couldn’t find the dogs.

Meanwhile, Guenther was stuck with the $1,000 veterinarian bill.

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