San Francisco

Woman Struck by 100-Pound Tree Branch in Critical Condition

A San Francisco woman who was struck by a nearly 100-pound tree limb that fell at Washington Square Park last week is still in critical condition, police said Monday. 

The giant branch collapsed nearly 60 feet and fell on the 36-year-old woman as she was watching her two children play in the park on Friday afternoon. Emergency crews rushed to the scene to provide assistance, while city officials tried to determine whether more trees could be dangerous to passersby. 

"It's devastating beyond words," said Aaron Peskin, a San Francisco City Supervisor. "Obviously our concern now is for this mom." 

Police say the 9 and 5-year-old children saw the branch fall. 

"When we arrived, the victim was in and out of consciousness," said David Lazar of the San Francisco Police Department. "We were able to get her assistance quickly, and off to the hospital she went." 

The victim's children are now with their father as she struggles to recover at San Francisco General Hospital. 

Peskin and othe city officials met at the park to consider the safety of the Canary Island Pine Tree, a tree that has "performed well" in San Francisco parks in the past, according to a statement.

That particular pine was last assessed in 2010 and found to be healthy, according to Elton Pon, and outreach and communications manager for San Francisco. 

Pon said in an email that the department has conducted 14 tree assessments at the park over the last 10 years, and added that crews would be out next week to check to see if conditions have changed at the park. 

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