Woman Tied to Oakland Police Sex Abuse Scandal Arrested in Florida

The woman at the center of a growing Oakland police sex abuse scandal was arrested this week for aggravated battery after she allegedly attacked a security officer at a voluntary rehab facility in Florida, according to an arrest report.

The alleged incident was reported at 12:28 p.m. Monday.

The woman, known as Celeste Guap, was transported to the Martin County Jail and is being held on $300,000 bail. The arrest report identifies Guap with her real name, which NBC Bay Area has decided not to publish due to the ongoing Oakland police sex abuse investigation.

Guap says she has had sex with more than a dozen Oakland police officers, prompting an investigation.

Over the summer, three Oakland police chiefs stepped down, or were told to step down from their posts, amid a sex scandal involving police officers and a sex worker.

In addition, the Oakland Police Department was involved in a racist texting probe, which caused two police officers to be suspended in August.

Monday's incident at the Florida rehab facility started when staff raised concerns Guap was going to become violent after she became upset while talking to a facility care worker.

The victim, identified in the arrest report as Joseph Sanders, and two other security officers went to check on Guap, who then walked over to a large countertop safe and attempted to pull it down.

When the security officers stepped in, Guap began resisting, starting a physical altercation, according to the arrest report.

Guap then started screaming at the employees and lunged at one of the female security officers. Sanders attempted to restrain her, at which point Guap bit him in the right forearm, the arrest report said.

Teeth marks were later visible on Sanders' forearm, according to the arrest report.

Mental health expert Peggy Wynne said Guap's behavior is concerning.

"She clearly needs a good evaluation, and really being looked at as someone who's clearly not well - and at a very young age," Wynne said.

While Guap was being transported to county jail, Guap was attempting to solicit sex from deputies, according to the arrest report.

"That kind of sexual acting out doesn't just occur one time," Wynne said. "There's got to be some underlying thing."

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