Brendan Weber

Caught on Camera: Women Steal Wallet From Elderly Woman's Purse While She Shops in Walnut Creek

Walnut Creek police are searching for two women who worked together to swipe a wallet from an elderly woman's purse as she shopped at a grocery store.

Police said the theft happened at a Safeway, but they didn't provide any additional details.

Surveillance footage captured the entire crime on camera. It showed the elderly woman standing right next to her cart, hunched over, staring down at items on a shelf. One of the women approaches from behind, looks at the elderly woman and her cart for several seconds, and then eventually grabs the wallet from the woman's purse, which was resting inside the cart. The woman then stuffs the wallet in her sweatshirt and walks away with her partner, who was standing nearby during the theft.

Anyone who can identify the women is asked to email

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