Woo at the Zoo a Big To-Do

Sperm samples from a randy orangutan and much, much more

There might be another city zoo with a professional zookeeper who guides a "Woo at the Zoo" tour and will answer pressing questions about cowboys assaulting livestock in intimate ways, but it's doubtful.

The San Francisco Bay Guardian flung some dirty questions at Jane Tollini, who use to care for the penguins at the San Francisco Zoo.

Though if you're lucky enough to still have a job, this is the kind of thing you might unintentionally share with the IT staff that keeps an eye on your company's Internet filters.

It is, however, quite educational. And hilarious.

There was this girl – I’m not gonna say here name, but she worked in the primate division -- who just loved her apes to death. And we were just positive that she was getting down with them. She would bend over and give them a show in front of everyone and then she would stay late most days doing god knows what in the pens.

To learn more about intraspecies and interspecies shenanigans of both the homo and hetero variety, check out part one -- or drop by the special Pride Week edition of Tollini's Woo at the Zoo tour on June 25th.

Jackson West has heard some rumors about Jane Goodall that would make Meryl Streep blush.

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