Fired for ‘Liking' Gay FB Page, Worker Claims

An analyst at the Library of Congress was fired after 'liking' a same-sex parenting Facebook page, according to a lawsuit.

Peter TerVeer liked the "Two Dads" page on Facebook, according to MSNBC, and then his boss's daughter noticed, told her father, according to a report.

The boss, John Mech, started giving negative reviews, making derogatory statements and, at least once, counseled the employee that he was going to hell for being homosexual.

The former management analyst (an irony not lost on anyone) said he started receiving emails from his manager containing "religiously motivated harassment and discrimination," according to an article in Roll Call.

This being the Library of Congress, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act kicks in, protecting federal employees from discrimination. TerVeer, under advice from his therapist, was terminated in early April after not showing up to work for 37 consecutive days.

TerVeer's attorney, Thomas Simeone, is pursuing a suit on the grounds of religious bias. Simeone said sexual discrimination laws are limited and provide little remedy for compensating workers.

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