15,000 Ducks Ready to “Race”

The Silicon Valley fundraiser quacks in Los Gatos.

Silicon Valley Duck Race

CAMERAS OUT: Even if spending a nice June Sunday at a park lake in Los Gatos didn't tempt -- and it does -- we'd be tempted by the mere thought of seeing 15,000 rubber ducks in the same place at the same time. Heck, we'd probably show up to see 15,000 anything in the same place at the same time, but ducks definitely have their bonus points. Why? Well, for one, they're pretty photographable. Two, they have a tendency to float en masse, forming sizable yellow islands, so that is interesting. And three? The bright toys that are slated to be a part of the Silicon Valley Duck Race are out to raise money for non-profits in the area. So maybe the addendum to our "seeing 15,000 of anything in one place is cool" rule is the asterisk that there should be some beneficial money-raising going on, ideally. If you're on board with any of these ideas, make for Vasona Lake Park on Sunday, June 10.

WHAT'S ON THE LAKE: All of those ducks, sponsored by you and others who want to lend a hand. Oh, and will various ducks net their buyers various prizes? Indeed. The Grand Prize is a quite substantial $1,500 (we wonder how many ducks that would buy at the local toy store -- plenty, we'll guess). Sponsoring a single duck is just five bucks and a hundred bucks gets you 23 ducks (meaning a trio of quackers are thrown in for free). To read more about the big-hearted race, which marks its half decade in 2012, float gently in this direction.

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