62 Years of Beautiful Work: Sausalito Art Festival

It's venerable, lauded, and well-attended, and it's up over Labor Day Weekend.

THE CREATIVE CAP OF SUMMER: The concept of "spring cleaning" will exist for eons to come, we imagine, for the concept of warm weather arriving and our windows opening and us spiffing up our places for easier, social days ahead is a pretty long-lasting one. But is it totally true? Many of us tend to be busy come spring, what with school, so the re-organizing sits until summer. That's an a-ok plan, if because, in large part, some of the best and most accoladed art festivals around fall in the summertime, which means all of our cleaning can make room for a true object of beauty. Out with the clutter, in with something beautiful to covet and enjoy and admire. And if you get to chat up the artist in the process? Even better. The Sausalito Art Festival, "(o)ne of the oldest, most prestigious open-air art events," draws those artists, and aficionados, to the snug burg over Labor Day Weekend. It's been drawing top-notch artists from points all over for over six decades, and its 62nd outing will be as photo-laden and painting-filled and jewelry-packed as collectors have come to expect and first-time buyers have heard.

THE DETAILS: "America's Premiere Waterfront Art Festival" booths it up from Saturday, Aug. 30 through Monday, Sept. 1. Some 260 artists will be in the house -- or, um, near the H20 -- with their whimsical and elegant wares in tow. Think ceramic art, think mixed media, think fiber, think woodwork, think digital art. Live tuneage, from big band to blues, keeps the lookie-loos a-strollin', and food vendors shall be nearby, ready to fortify art lovers. A general admission ticket? It's $25. Finding that vase or funky fiber sculpture for the table you finally cleaned off over the summer? Gratifying and emblematic of a nice day spent at one of the most major of our country's warm-weather art spectaculars. Knowing that the Sausalito Art Festival comes at the end of every traditional summer season is all the goosing we need to keep the house clean and walls, or shelves, ready for fab new fine art discoveries.

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