A Gathering of Elvii

Don your rhinestone jumpsuit and sway your hips to San Jose.

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A GLAD HEART: There are so many things to be grateful for in this world, but way up on our list? A person doesn't have to wait for Oct. 31 to dress up as Elvis. Of course, you can don your kingly get-up pretty much any day of the year and receive cheers from strangers out on the street. But if you want to be with other Elvises, or Elvii, if you prefer? There are those opportunities, too, and they exist, we're glad to say, outside of Halloween. Take the Tabard Theatre in San Jose, for instance. On Saturday, July 28 they're hosting "a wiggle" of Elvises (yep, they're "a wiggle," per the Tabard, is any gathering of jumpsuited Elvises). Fans are invited to put together their best Presley look and make for the theater, where specialty cocktails will be sold, in addition to the normal bar offerings. We know, we know; a whole lotta people'll go with the big-collar'd jumpsuit, and we support this, but we are hoping someone will go with Hawaii Elvis or perhaps that attractive dark button-up shirt/dark slacks look a younger King rocked back in the day.

GET TICKETS: There are only 150 them, says the Tabard, so if you're serious about being with your Elvis-loving people, buy in advance (twenty bucks is the ahead-of-time price; twenty five is the price at the door). And dress up, by all means, and no, a lei and/or sunglasses won't cut it. And if you really love everything Elvis Presley, and don't mind caravaning, there' s a full-on Elvis Presley festival in Orange County at the end of August. Yep, the Elvis sightings have already started around the county, too. Please, do you love that we live in a day where Elvis-dressing is almost an everyday thing? It puts a little spark of hope in the heart. (Thanks to Team San Jose for the Tabard tip, too.)

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