A Kite Festival with One Stunning Backdrop

The beachy kite parties continue, and this one is a stunner.

Morro Bay Kite Festival

CALIFORNIA ALOFT: It may not surprise you to learn that the Golden State is a place that's rather rich with kite festivals. The reasons are plentiful, for sure; we have a famous love of the outdoors and we have all of those spectacular sandy stretches. (Kites + beaches=BFFs 4evr.) But we also like to think it is a bit deeper than that. Our state has always been an aspirational place, the destination that dreamers head for when they want to make a major change -- or, yes, strike it rich in the Gold Rush or a proverbial gold rush. And kite flying is among the more aspirational of pastimes. You're literally looking up -- dun dun dun, that's symbolism, right there -- and you've got to keep the wind at your back. Or not, but it is easier to see where your kite is at if gusts aren't blowing against your face. But how does one choose among the many kite festivals our state offers? Berkeley has a fine one in the summer, and Redondo Beach throws a venerable springtime party that is just about four decades along. And while sky is all you need for the perfect kite backdrop, sometimes a terrestrial symbol can make an impact. For example? Beautiful Morro Rock.

KITES OVER THE BAY: Morro Bay also hosts a free kite festival every year, but it just happens to be home to one of California's most instantly recognizable rocks (or ancient volcanic plugs, if you want to be totally accurate). It's a really pretty place to do absolutely nothing, just sit and soak in sun, but flying a kite must make the whole Morro experience feel postcard-ready. This year's fest flies on Saturday, April 27 and Sunday, April 28.

There are a few interesting notes on the official site, such as the opinion that Morro Bay has some great wind for kites. Nice. Also, hundreds of free kites will be provided for kids, so expect a colorful and fairly full sky.

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