A New Smokehouse for Big Sur

Look for the pretty Post family homestead and you're in the right place.

UPDATES TO A TIMELESS PLACE? Of course we expect them. Naturally we do want them, now and then, especially if they complement the iconic spirit of the location, and its established offerings, and the quintessential local vibe, whatever that might be. And, yes, we even expect them, in this modern, go-faster world, because that how things tend to happen. And yet? There are some spots that don't fold in a flurry of new, discordant experiences at a breakneck speed. Rather, these lovely locales choose to embrace a rather unhurried sweetness as they approach the new things that help to make a region even more flavorful, more interesting, and, well, more itself.

BIG SUR... has never been outside of contemporary life, but it has observed its own charming timeline, and meaningful way of connecting with the moment, and admirably relaxed forward momentum. So when a fresh destination springs up? Big Sur buffs will be curious, understandably. And that newest addition to the Highway 1 scene opened on the Fourth of July, in the former Post family homestead, a rambling and handsome building dating back to 1867. It's the Big Sur Smokehouse, and it is being billed as "the first new restaurant to open in 15 years" in the immediate area. The name tells visitors what to expect:

SAVORY MEATS... and then some. Look for "classic BBQ meets cool California twists with home-cooked meats and sauces, nostalgic side dishes, homemade pies and canned wine & cocktails." Those twists include the sauces — Coffee-Stout BBQ is one tempting pick — and "just-picked produce from an organic farm up the hill." Where to find this hearty slice of Big Sur heaven? It's just a pinch away from the Ventana Big Sur resort. Something fresh has blossomed in Big Sur, a place that connects easily with its many proven charms but has a knack for knowing a great new thing when it comes along.

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