A Very Avian April: Godwit Days

Bird lovers fly for Arcata for several days of binoc-tastic fun.

IT IS QUITE EASY... to get a touch jealous over the Marbled Godwit. After all, the bird is quite elegant, so there's that, and it has an astoundingly long beak, which could come in so handy for humans, especially when that bowl of snacks is just a little too far out of reach, the one on the coffee table beyond your grasp. The godwit is also often seen around Humboldt County, further upping the envy factor, for calling upon Arcata and other water-close areas around that glorious region has to be quite pleasurable, all in all. And while we can never hope to aspire to the level of cool that the shorebirds so easily rock, we can get to know the Marbled Godwit better at a week-long gathering devoted to watching them, studying them, admiring all they do, and meeting other birders who have a passion for those wing-boasting residents of the shoreline. 

GODWIT DAYS... is flapping this way, or, rather, hurrying quickly along the sand, and it will be here before you know it. Translation? It all begins on April 18 in 2018, and wraps on April 24, and the many outings and join-ups during that stretch will keep a devoted godwitian close to her binoculars and at the ready. Prepare for a "... selection of field trips, lectures, workshops, and boat excursions led by experienced local guides," with visits to "... the expansive mudflats, the wild river valleys and the rocky ocean coast of this sector of the Klamath bioregion in northwest California." This is the 23rd annual Godwit Days festival, and birders can count on admiring other not-godwit feathered friends, as well as a host of critters that can't fly (read: not birds), in addition to all of the godwit-focused goodness. Sign up, find your activities, and start planning your perfect spring idyll, that won't be idle at all, in Humboldt County.

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