A Very Obispo 2012

There's a year of foodie feasts ahead for SLO.

San Luis Obispo

RESOLUTIONS: How's that lists of won'ts and can'ts coming along? Wait. What did you say? You're only including the things you will do and must try and can enjoy? That's the spirit. After all, a new year isn't about prohibiting but about pushing forward and growing and trying new things. With that in mind we present for your reading (and possibly eating/drinking) enjoyment the big 2012 to-dos around San Luis Obispo. Yep, it may be the SLO-est place in our state, but the good, vino-loving people of one of California's foodiest burgs have filled a new year's list with olive festivals and wine pairings and such. Nope, 2011 hasn't wrapped, but we can dream a little starting right now.

ON THE LIST: A Lakeside Wine Festival in Atascadero (woot woot, Atascadero) on June 23; Espirit du Vin on Jan. 14 in Paso Robles; and all of January is Restaurant Month around San Luis Obispo. If you're thinking of anything in the Obispo-Paso nexus (we like those words together, Obispo-Paso nexus; sounds a bit like a happy magic spell), we'd get all over these hotel-wine packages and fast. Sure, some of the events are further down the road, but dreaming/planning/calendar-filling-in can start now. Resolution one: Must sip a peachy chard in Atascadero at the height of summer...

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