Act Fast: Bearpaw 2015 Dates Available

If a High Sierra sojourn is on your dream vacation list this year, you're in luck.

WAITING ON NEXT YEAR: If you're an adventurer who has a keen eye for unusual lodging experiences or uncommon travel deals, you know that you need to take the long view, even if, at times, your patience is on low.

The long view happens when a hotel in a desirable, often hard-to-reach location opens its reservation bookings for the upcoming season, and, somehow, you missed the window. The window might be a day, or a week, but there it is: All the rooms or cabins or tents or yurts were snapped up, in a flash, lickety-split, by those people who were on top of the situation. Sometimes, though, the lucky travel magic glitter still sprinkles upon those who did not make reservations on the day they opened and a chance to enjoy the desirable spot, sooner than far later, is presented. Such is the cool case with Bearpaw High Sierra Camp, which books up early, wayyyy early, as in the winter-before early, meaning that those who decide on a trip in July will likely have to wait for the following July. But check it out: A few dates are open for the Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park tent-sweet stayover, and those dates are in 2015. As in August and September 2015. As in soon. As in read the rest of this info and then get booking, quickly, for...

AUG. 11-13, 16, AND 31: Sept. 3, 9, 17, and 20 are open and ready for campers, too. That's it, folks, for the remainder of this year, should you want to be at Bearpaw overnight. You should know there's a gorgeous but not-on-the-short-side hike to the camp -- eleven and a half miles -- and that your location is nicely, wonderfully remote (should you feel momentarily done with work issues and traffic issues and your screen bleeping at you every thirty seconds). It is truly "High Sierra" in vibe and look and temperature and in all the ways, so you'll feel the crispness of fall coming in the mornings. But should you miss out on those dates, fret not: Summer 2016 at Bearpaw opens up for reservations the day after New Year's Day. Do your celebrating, clean up the confetti, and then book your tent on Jan. 2, 2016.

photo: Trevor Lee

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