Admire Hearst Castle's Holiday Finery by Evening Light

"Twilight" is the keyword of the seasonal and sumptuous treat.

EVENING AND HEARST CASTLE... may not be as old as the ocean and sky, nor the land and trees, but you can call it a duo that's as delightful, and as California-classic, as such traditions come. For while William Randolph Hearst's beyond-grand manor wears a regal air throughout the day, and the nighttime, too, it is when the sun begins to dip in the west, and the sky over The Enchanted Hill takes on that pinky-purple veil, that the castle seems considerably more magical. Adding to that merry magic, come late November, is the festive fact that decorations are up and out, and lots of them, making the whole scene highly seasonal. How to admire this historic destination wearing all of its baubles and ornaments, though? By hopping onto the...

HOLIDAY TWILIGHT TOUR, which runs over select dates beginning the day after Thanksgiving 2018. You'll behold the castle's exquisitely manicured grounds, of course, as well as "the grand social rooms of Casa Grande" wearing all manner of holly, swag, and bows. It isn't all about the yuletide visuals, however, for your guide will tales to tell of Hearst Castle Christmases gone by. The time for all of this twilight-y splendor? Five in the evening, which means you may just get to experience one of those aforementioned pinky-purple veils, if the sky and sun are feeling particularly artistic on the day of your visit. Prices, dates, and more merriment? Travel to this page first, before traveling to San Simeon, for one of our state's most historic and seasonal sights.

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