Alameda Obscura

Vintage pinball and an underground tour at night mark the holiday.


A LITTLE PRIVACY? Hi. We'd like to speak directly to those people who live the dream, day in and day out. Who are committed to being funky and finding the funky and enjoying life in whatever way they want to, regardless of expected norms. In short, we want to talk to those iconoclasts who celebrate Obscura Day every single day. Is that you? Then, by all means, please stay for what we'd briefly like to say. First of all: thank you. Thank you, dear offbeat ones, for keeping the flavor. Now, where will you be spending Obscura Day, which is falling on Saturday, April 28? We expect you have plans, seeing how this is a day devoted to the strange and weird and wonderful. No plans yet? Really? Here are a few places, and events, both near and not so, that have caught our weird and wandering (and wondering) eye.

PINBALL SWEET: Obscurans will head to the Pacific Pinball Museum in Alameda for a tour. They'll be making for the USS Iowa in Richmond and heading for a host of city locations, too. And down in LA will fans be gathering at the Bunny Museum, which is home to over 28,000 rabbit-y items? Why yes. Fans will be doing just that. We do love the idea of Obscura Day, and encourage Atlas Obscura, the group behind the holiday, to make it a monthly to-do. Why wait all year to dig into the delightful and arcane and esoteric of our surroundings?

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