An Earth Day Happy Hour at Galleria Park Hotel

Gather in the hotel lobby on April 22 for herbal cocktails.

Galleria Park Hotel

EARTH HOUR, that worldwide event that arrives just after the start of spring, is observed in numerous ways, from businesses dimming lights to gatherings of friends fully flipping every switch around the house. It's a way to ponder the electricity we use, and how often we use it, and how frequently we do take it for granted (as well as, of course, pondering the wider state of our home planet and conservation). They're subjects that thread right through April, to an occasion that has a lot in common with Earth Hour, mission-wise, outlook-wise, and, yes, name-wise, too: It's Earth Day we speak of, a day where recycling, clean energy, and a host of other matters come to the urgent forefront. There are numerous Earth Day events, like the major one in Santa Barbara, a hometown of sorts for the holiday, but you can find other places paying homage to the day in numerous ways.

GALLERIA PARK HOTEL, a Joie de Vivre property, in the Financial District, has a Martini Hour each day for guests and visitors, a way to wind down, socialize, and find out where people are from, if conversation leads in that direction. And on Sunday, April 22 the event will honor Earth Day, both with the herbal cocktails on the pour and with the Earth Hour-like dimming of the lights. The Joie de Vivre property, which just underwent a major renovation, will be "... shutting down all non-essential electricity... during the hour, which will last from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. that day (yes, it'll still be light, but the sun will be yawning its final yawn for the day). For more information, give the Galleria Park a ring or make your way to its online HQ.

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