Antiques Aplenty: Moss Landing Street Fair

Eye the wares of 200+ booths on the last Sunday in July.

PERHAPS YOU'RE THE KIND OF PERSON... who has, in their mind, the exact armoire, or vase, or candlesticks, or bench that would go in just the right spot, the location by the window, or the coffee table, or on the porch, or next to your bed. Or maybe you're a little more loosey-goosey, come-what-may on the whole antiquing front. Perhaps you like to see what's out there, and be surprised, and be delighted, and you don't even care if you say "what the...?" a few times, because such is the nature of encountering a whole swath of amazing stuff hailing from several style-distinctive decades. The truth of it? A solid antique fair is going to run the gamut, cover the gamut, own the gamut, then decorate the gamut with some amazing odds 'n ends. Both sides of the antique-obsessed fandom should be well-covered on the last Sunday in July, when the...

ANNUAL ANTIQUE STREET FAIR... returns to Moss Landing to entice and bewitch those searching for the perfect bench or the perfect mystery object, the one that will bring some panache to the mantelpiece. The admission is five bucks, and your tots? If they're age 12 or under, they get in for free. Once you're in, you might have second or two of slight overwhelm-a-tude, as some 200 vendors'll be out purveying in all manner of domestic and otherwise treasures. Need the perfect lemonade pitcher? A kooky cookie jar? A ukulele, a chiming clock, or a vintage pair of roller skates? This mega, marvel-filled street fair could deliver on your dreams. And if not, you'll have spent July 30 strolling among ye olde wonders, which, however you approach antiquing, can make for an exceedingly pleasant pursuit.

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