Apple Hill's Apple Season Is Rolling Our Way

A few farms in the verdant vicinity will open over the Aug.17-18 weekend, but Labor Day Weekend is going to be even bigger.

APPLES OF SUMMER? They might not be the first fruit to spring to mind on a warm day, not when there are watermelons and lemons and strawberries and pineapples in the world. But we never fully forsake the red/green, stem-topped, globular goodie, not even in the hottest months. We enjoy it diced in various cooling salads, or a peel or two might find their way into a smoothie, while a pack of tiny apple sauce containers is a common sight in the picnic hamper. And yet? We know that this nummy, tart, flavor-deep, goes-well-with-cinnamon, goes-well-with-everything fruit finds its footing come autumn, when trees are bursting, pies are, er, pie-ing, and we want to smell the simmering scents of pomme potpourri on the stove. And while the start of fall is still over a month out, the yummy word from...

APPLE HILL, the Placerville-close region that's home to several apple-growing farms, is that "(s)ome apple farms are opening this weekend, with most opening on Labor Day Weekend!" And by this weekend, the Apple Hillers mean Aug. 17 and 18, giving those apple aficionados a bit of an early start on the connecting-with-fall-fun front. As for which fruitful favorites will be open two weeks ahead of Labor Day Weekend? Look to High Hill, the "Apple Hill Grower's largest ranch," for an early opening on Aug. 17 and 18. Apple cider shakes, apple donuts, and just-picked apples are all on the delicious docket. Also opening? Abel's Apple Acres, which recently added gem mining, if you and the young'uns are looking for some nifty activities in addition to your apple-based enjoyment.

CRUNCH THIS: Summer's not nearly done, corn and zucchini are still ruling our produce aisles, and there are warm spells still to come. But can we visit autumn, starting in mid-August, if we choose? We can, if we make our way to the orchards of Apple Hill.

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