April Deal: ‘Random Refunds’ at Four Kimpton Hotels

Planning a getaway before, on, or after Tax Day? There could be a fun surprise in store.

The Goodland

THE WORD "REFUND"... is said quite a bit around the fourth month on the calendar, and the person saying it is often talking about their taxes (no surprise). After all, tax day traditionally falls in the middle of April, putting the notion of refunds in a lot of minds as people finish filling out their various forms. But what if you needed a getaway, the sort of quick trip that falls between the general time of spring break and the beginning of the summer season, which means you'd be seeking to travel in April? And what if a refund could be yours at the hotel you'd chosen, and what if the refund arrived out of the blissful blue? Such a scenario is possible, should you book a stay at one of four Kimpton properties during the lovely month of April 2018. Those hotels include the stylish duo of Hotel Palomar and Hotel Solamar in San Diego, Huntington Beach's water-adjacent Shorebreak Hotel, and The Goodland of Santa Barbara, a place with a solid amount of retro vibery. So what's the deal on this oh-so-April special?

"RANDOM REFUNDS"... will be presented to "one guest per day" during April, and what exactly that refund might be is part of the delightful mystery. Will you be that particular hotel's particular guest on the day you're there? You might receive a gratis, pay-nothing, sit-back-and-enjoy-it in-room movie, totally comped, or your resort fee might be waived, or you might see your parking charges go vamoose. Neat? For sure. Ask for any details you need on the promotion when you book or arrive with the hope of maybe, fingers cross, being the hotel's refundee for the day. And there's one more Tax Day special to keep in mind, this one specific to the Pacific Hideaway restaurant inside the Shorebreak Hotel. If you happen to be there on April 17, which is Tax Day in 2018, look for the Tax Day restaurant specials. There are two: A burger for $4.17 and a beer for $4.17. The total? Still under a tenner: $8.34.

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