April Savings at Sonoma Creek Inn

Sonoma Creek Inn

SWEET: Honest, we like when a hotel or inn is cognizant of why most of their guests might be staying there, and responds in a thoughtful way. Take this direct quote on the Sonoma Creek Inn specials page, which says "May you spend less on Sonoma lodging than you do on Sonoma wine!" So. Nice. Because most guests are in the area to pick up a bottle or six, or at least to better their knowledge of the local wineries. That's going to get even easier in the pretty month of April 2011, when Sonoma Creek shaves 40% off its overnights.

MOST WEEKENDS INCLUDED! Their words, not ours. Their exclamation point, not ours. So you know this is not to be messed with. It's a serious deal, and it gets even more serious when you see that rooms are in the $71.40 neck of the woods on weeknights. There are four blackout dates -- April 14-17 -- and other to-knows. 

AFFORDABLE AND CASUAL: Again, their words, not ours. Sonoma Creek Inn isn't overly plumped-out in all the plumped-out hotel ways, but we dig that a bunch of the rooms have their own private outdoor area (we'd ask when you reserve if your room will). You'll want a spot to sit and sip your new wines, right? Of course.

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