Aquanuts Under the Big Top

Synchronized swimming, with sass, splashes in Walnut Creek.


TEAMWORK UNDER WATER: Spectator sports that involve teamwork and muscular power and a bit of razzmatazz and grace never go out of style; think of roller derby, say, or ballroom dancing. And, of course, synchronized swimming. The last of those three pursuits has been very much a topic of conversation of late, thanks to the Olympics, meaning local events built around synchronized swimmers are getting extra love, as they should. There's a major one ahead in Walnut Creek featuring the famous Aquanuts, a 60+-member team that's been perfecting precision moves for over four decades. And next up for the swimmers? Aquanuts Under the Big Top, a weekend-long run of watery shows centered around the award-winning synchronized swim team.

ALL THE DAMP DETAILS: The preview night is Thursday, Aug. 30; shows run through Sunday, Sept. 2 at 8 p.m. "Over 100 swimmers" will perform at Walnut Creek's Clarke Memorial Swim Center, which features a deep water pool. The other major headline? The Aquanuts boast 17 Olympians and eight of them gold medalists. So not only will audience members get to experience the beauty and fun of the sport but also the champion-cool power of it, too. An adult ticket is twenty bucks, and there will be "traditional circus treats for sale" (hence the calliope-cute name). Oh, and we mentioned the team's longevity before, but it is worth highlighting again: The Aquanuts have been kicking up the H20 since 1968.

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