Art in the Gardens: Fort Bragg Tradition

Take in fabulous flora, and fabulous creativity, at the Pacific-close Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens.

THE PACIFIC AND PLENTIFUL PETALS: Flowers in the ocean? We're inclined to think of those water-loving beasties that seem to effortlessly take on the appearance of colorful blooms, like eye-popping anemones. But beautiful buds can definitely thrive near our vast H20, in the form of ice plants and tropical flowers, just to name a very few. And, of course, if there happens to be a spectacular public garden that's near the Pacific, one that's known for its rhododendrons, one that stretches over 47 gorgeous, soak-'em-in acres, then that, too, qualifies on the briny air, bloomy petals scene. Such a scene is always spectacular in Fort Bragg, which is home to the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens. For sure, this is a must-see destination for those who adore rhodies, those redwoods-loving flowers that do well in the damp of Mendocino County and beyond. But on a special summer Saturday, fans, both rhododendron buffs and non-rhodie people alike, show up for something a little different. It's the...

ART IN THE GARDENS... affair, a creatively inspiring happening that includes the presence of over 80 artists. Some are there to show their paintings, some have textiles and wood-wonderful creations on hand, and all would appreciate a booth stop-by, and, yes, often a chat, if there's time. It's a juried happening, one that's been around for a quarter century, and wine, beer, bites, and tunes round out the celebratory day. Cost to attend? It's $30 there, though an advance ticket, available online through Aug. 3, is $20. If you're an ocean lover, a public gardens buff, and you dig a great summer arts festival of the juried kind, the three shall deftly braid together on Saturday, Aug. 5 in Fort Bragg.

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