Avila Beach Yoga & Art Festival

Journey to the spectacular spot for classes, workshops, and meditative moments.

A BLISSFUL BEACH? You likely don't have to stroke your chin, and ponder too hard, to come up with one or two or seven stretches of sandy beauty that you especially adore. For it is where the land meets the water, or, if you prefer, vice versa, that many Californians journey to clear their head, to dream up their next dream, or shake off some of the woes and cares of everyday life. And while pitting one beach against another is not a pursuit a dedicated beachian would dare undertake, anyone who has admired Avila Beach has likely tucked the memory of its spectacularness into their heart (and pulled the image out, several times, to remember on challenging days). It's an ideal setting for a day that's all about contemplation, meditation, self-care, higher planes, and a peaceful and communal coming-together. Oh, yes, and some strenuous downward-dogging, too. No more hinting is needed: The Avila Beach Yoga & Art Festival is coming up, on Sunday, July 9, at the...

AVILA BEACH RESORT: "Over 35 inspired yoga courses" are on the schedule, as well as some water-based, good-for-the-body, good-for-the-mind fun (hello, stand up paddleboarding courses). Live music, and vendors to peruse, and eats for sale are also part of the day. And will this all happen just a day after the Central Coast Oyster Festival, also at Avila Beach? It will, and there's a combo ticket available if you want to enjoy both the bivalve bash and the blissful following day. Of course, Avila Beach is pretty darn perfect even if nothing is afoot, but if shucking delish oysters and perfecting your triangle pose are two of your happy places, there's a third happy place awaiting you, on the Central Coast.

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