Avila Valley Barn: Autumn Outing in SLO

Hop on a tractor ride at this beloved agricultural staple.

Avila Valley Barn

AUTUMN-CLASSIC PURSUITS... can run the sun-dappled, cider-scented gamut, from the haunted houses of Halloween to apple-picking days to afternoons spent baking pumpkin-flavored treats to road trips that soak up that fall feeling. If a September or October road trip is your glorious, crisp-aired go-to for stirring up all the sensations of the season, and you're considering toodling along the Highway 1 Discovery Route, consider this: Avila Valley Barn, near San Luis Obispo, should absolutely be one of your pull-over stops. That is, of course, if you like...

TRACTOR RIDES, and feeding sweet farm animals (alpacas, sheep, goats, pigs, and many more), and purchasing a bag or three of produce. The corn roaster may be going — it's a seasonal thing — but finding a refreshing beverage is going to be a snap. Pumpkin patchery, also a grand 'n gourdly tradition, is part of the Avila Valley Barn fall fabric, as are hay rides. As for the picturesque setting? The store has its roots in the 1980s, 1985 to be exact, when it was a "single table and umbrella placed along Avila Beach Drive to beckon those passing by..." It grew, and it kept on beckoning passersby with its Sweet Shoppe and jams and cobblers and all of the tasty goodies we long for when summer ends. (And, let's be honest, all year long, too.)

GET YOUR APPLE CIDER ON... at a Central Coast classic, a produce-bountiful location that has oodles of nostalgia to go around (and alpaca cuteness, and plump apples, and hay rides, and more). Where to find it? Just a short drive south of sweet SLO.

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