Awww Dept: Penguin Chicks in Monterey

Monterey Bay Aquarium/Randy Wilder

9.5 OUNCES: That's the weight of the newest Blackfooted Penguin to be born at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It's a very "awww"-inducing weight, as weights go -- we'll guess most people don't "awww" over weight often -- but then baby penguins kind of rule the "awww" department. The most recent arrival is the third Blackfooted Penguin to be born at the aquarium in recent weeks; the first one arrived in early January.

SPLASH ZONE: That's the penguiny section of the aquarium. Of course, the babies are being raised behind the scenes, and will enter the Splash Zone a couple of months after their birth date. The aquarium does say that "you may get a glimpse of the chick in its nest if you visit!," so that's tempting. The first of the chicks, the one born on Jan. 8, is already getting quite large. Here's video. Get those "awww"s ready.

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