Awww Over Sea Otter Awareness Week

Morro Bay will feature Sea Otter Outreach Stations for those who want to learn more about these whiskery wonders.

STAYING AWARE... of sea otters? You probably know someone who is not only aware but fully and totally alert, if not outright obsessed. This is the sort of person who keeps current on issues facing otter populations, and where to go to find otters in the wild, and to see their aquarium-residing brethren, and how we humans can help out these mammal-magnificent ocean dwellers. There may even be several otter photos on this otter aficionado's social feeds, and on their phone, and perhaps their bedroom walls, too. But for most of us? Even if we truly adore otterdom and all it represents? Our general shared awareness could definitely be brought up a notch or two. Thank goodness, then, there is...

SEA OTTER AWARENESS WEEK, which is celebrated, each September, by coastal communities, in a variety of ways. There might be a school program for kids, or a shout-out on an aquarium's blog, or, if you're Morro Bay, you're going to set up a pair of Sea Otter Outreach Stations in honor of the occasion. Those stations will be erected in the water-close burg from Sept. 22-28, 2019, giving visitors the opportunity to get up on their otterish education. Volunteers will be standing by during certain hours "... to help you spot otters and answer all of your questions." And if you're in town on Sept. 27? Best make your way to the Morro Bay State Park Natural History Museum where a talk called "Sea Otter Savvy" will be presented. (Actually presented twice, which is no surprise, given the high number of otter fans out there.)

THE TALK? It's free, as is visiting the Sea Otter Outreach Stations. It's a sweet and important week to remember these furry icons, "the smallest marine mammals in North America." There are other fab facts about otters, including that they are a "keystone species." More awesome otter knowledge awaits right here.

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