Banana Fests: Sactown and Stockton Yum

Is the peelable, portable fruit your daily go-to snack? There's a delish party (or two) just for you.

NOT EVERY FRUIT... found in the produce section gets its own special display device. After all, bowls have done the job of holding various kinds of fruits since fruits fell from trees and bowls were carved or created for kitchen use. (Gaze back at the paintings of old for further proof of the longtime fruit-bowl partnership.) But sometimes there's an edible that's so unusual, and stand-out-ish, that it travels its own path in the kitchen. Nope, it doesn't sit in the bowl or basket on the counter, surrounded by stone fruits; rather, it has a stylish hanger to rest upon, and, if the owner of the kitchen is especially wild for this fruit, maybe a peeling implement, or special plastic holder, too. It is the banana that dangles so temptingly, and in mid-air, too, from its holder, and it is the banana that may be placed in a banana-shaped plastic case, too. So surprise anyone, it shall not, that a double dose of...

BANANA FESTIVAL GOODNESS... is in the air, thanks to a pair of banana-based happenings headed for Sacramento and Stockton in August 2017. The capital city is up first, on Saturday, Aug. 12 and Sunday, Aug. 13, while Stockton'll get a three-dayer the following weekend, from Friday, Aug. 19 through Sunday, Aug. 21. Prepare to nosh upon a beautiful variety of cuisines from a number of cultures, from dishes that strictly employ the banana as a sweet to those that incorporate the fry-worthy, adaptable edible into more savory presentations. Consider that California is a place that is so fruitful that many produce aisle superstars get more than one party each year. The strawberry is celebrated in Oxnard, Garden Grove, and beyond, while the avocado gets the creamy love in both Fallbrook and Carpinteria. So for the naner, if you like to go with the banana's adorable nickname, to a doubled-up bash in two separate cities makes tummy-pleasing sense. Go forth, banana buffs, and peel back the layers on this lovely fruit, a treat that does well on both banana-ready hangers and, yes, within fruit bowls, too.

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