Bay Area Adoptathon


LOVE-A-THON: If you've been to an adoption fair, you know the dos. Do ask the volunteers a lot of questions about prospective pets. Do get down on the ground and cuddle/pet/moon over the animal you've made a connection with. Do pocket a lot of the gratis food samples and such, the better to find the best new product for your new BFF. And the don'ts? Well, those are clear, probably. Don't be surprised to make eyes with a dozen sweeties. Don't be surprised if you want to take them all home. We'll also add that you shouldn't be surprised by the number of animals for adoption at the Marin Center Fairgrounds on Saturday, Sept. 10 and Sunday, Sept. 11. The Bay Area Pet Fair & Adoptathon is being billed as "the Biggest pet adoption in Marin history with nearly every Bay Area pet rescue!" Exclamation points indeed.

GET YOUR COUPON: It's seven bucks to get in -- if you're a grown-up -- but there's a coupon deal going (a dollar off). There's a bunch of to-dos, given the size/breadth of this thing. Face-painting, agility training, and, oh yeah: a skateboarding bulldog. Skill plus pluck, is his secret, we think. Plus a very low center of gravity.

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