Bearpaw: It's Summer Booking Time

It's snowy now, but warm-weather spots'll fill up at the remote and spectacular camp.

SCROLL THROUGH ANY FEED... in early January -- make that the early January of an El Niño year -- and you're bound to see lots of snow at the higher elevations. Does "lots" go the distance here, though? You'll see heaps of snow, mounds of the white stuff, more flakeage than you thought was possible in one place. Skiers are loving it, of course, and everyone is rooting for a robust snowpack. A snowpack that, come summertime, will lead to rivers doing their rushing thing, and waterfalls, too, and lakes looking lovely and not so parched. It's a fine time of year to remember that a few of California's coolest and remotest and night-star-iest spots begin to open up their calendars, too. Bearpaw High Sierra Camp, for example, is way up in the tippy-top of the Sierra, in a not-easy-to-reach neck of the woods. Is there an actual number we can put to that hyperbole? There so is: The camp's elevation is 7,800 feet, and it enjoys sigh-inducing vistas that include the Great Western Divide. That's certainly nothing to sniff at, but fans of the hike-in spot'll be sniffing, sadly, if they let all of those warm-weather beds fill up while they themselves are busy scrolling through other people's snowy snapshots. Those snaps are pretty, but leave them for one moment and head to the Bearpaw site for...

2016 BOOKINGS ARE NOW OPEN: Plan your mountain-high stay from June 10 through Sept. 17, but know a few things before you make the exciting leap. It's small, a wee bit of wonderfulness, with just six available tents (which is surely heaven for many an adventurer looking to leave the hubbub behind). Are there hot showers? Yes. Are there toilets that flush? Yes. Is there pie? Ha, you totally didn't know we'd ask that next. Or did you? Bearpaw buffs know that the "cooked to order" meals are filled with deliciousness, like pie and chocolate cake and frittatas and quiches. Is the trek to Bearpaw 11.5 miles? It is indeed. Call it pure bucket list, a chance to soak in backcountry, Sierra-style, and call now, or rather tromp your way here, mountaineers and lovers of pie and the Great Western Divide.

NOW... back to scrolling through snowy photos, your previously scheduled activity. Thank you.

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