Beastie Sweetness: Safari West Valentine’s

Enjoy a special (and saucy) day at the Santa Rosa animal preserve.

Safari West

IT MATTERS NOT... how many nature shows you watch, or blogs you subscribe to, or the books you read on the topic of our amazing world. A factoid will always come along, seemingly out of the blue, that will rock your socks and make your brain hum. "A frog can jump how far?" you ask in wonderment. "A gazelle can run how fast?" you ponder, amazed. Our planet is plush with fascinating minutia about each and every beastie that calls the earth home, and factoids don't come plusher -- or blushier -- than when they have to do with the birds and the bees. Or the rhinos or the gnus or the meerkats. Animal romance -- cough animal reproduction cough -- is not a topic to get squidgy over in the least, of course. It's flat-out interesting, in all the ways, and finding out how various species approach date night is part of our ticket to the ride we call life. But if you've had your momentary fill of shows and blogs, and would like to get out under the sky, in a real "you are there" situation, among exquisite creatures aplenty, look no further than Santa Rosa. Safari West, a large animal preserve in the region, pauses each February 14 to throw an educational Valentine's outing, one that includes brunch and terrific trivia all about how animals do the mating dance. So popular is this happening that it is landing upon two days in 2016, so book your spot either on...

SATURDAY, FEB. 13 OR SUNDAY, FEB. 14: Those are the dates for the 15th annual Rumble in the Jungle, an educational overview of animal amour. It's adults only, the cost per person is $148 and change, and there are several parts to the event. A noontime brunch, complete with African wine, is the starter, then there's a info-filled session on beastie canoodling (complete with a memorable take-home gift), followed by a tour around the vast property (yep, it's mating themed). Is the vehicle you're rolling in open to the elements? It is, safari-style. Will you come away with fresh info on this juicy topic? Perhaps, depending upon how well-studied you are on furry flirtation. Either way, consider it a Valentine's you and your honeybun will talk about down the road, as certain facts are sure to stick in the noggin. How much do your really know about animal intimacy, in all of its many, many forms? Time to find out.

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