Bernese Mountain Dog Day: Half Moon Bay Sweet

Celebrate your gentle giant at Farmer John's Pumpkin Patch.

Westminster Dog Show

PUP PARTIES... are a common and cuddly sight nowadays, with dogs of every stripe, snout, and size showing up to strut, play, snack, meet new humans, socialize with other pooches, and soak in the sunshine and fresh air. But occasionally tail-waggin' to-dos pop up that put the focus on one segment of the Fido family tree, giving those fans of Greyhounds or Pugs or Brussels Griffons a chance to hobnob with other people who know the specific quirks and sweetnesses of the dogs in question. A fall-fun charmer is coming up, in Half Moon Bay, and it involves a hound so kissable, and colossal, that fans who gather there may spend the whole morning gushing over other attendees' sizable pups. It's the Bernese Mountain Dog we speak of, and Bernese Mountain Dog Day is returning to Farmer John's Pumpkin Farm on the very first day of October, 2017.

THE FREE EVENT... is a come-one-come-all call to Bernese buffs, who are absolutely invited to show with their four-paw'd BFFs. How many Bernese Mountain Dogs attended in 2016? Hold onto your hearts: Over 130 made the camera-ready scene. Farmer John's own Bernese Mountain Dog will be wagging her tail around the pumpkin-packed grounds (name: Clara Honey), so be sure to wave if you see the duo. And buy a pumpkin, too, if you need to start preparing for your own seasonal soirees back at home. Is there room in your backseat for both your pup and a few pumpkins? Surely, yes, even though the Bernese Mountain Dog is one of the biggest hounds around (and one of the tenderest and most prone to lap-sitting, if given the opportunity). For all of your Sunday, Oct. 1 details, and more on the 15 Annual Bernese Mountain Dog Day, wag your tail over here.

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