Bib-up and Butter-out for the Wintertime Crab Feeds

'Tis the season for a NorCal must-nosh, at communities hither and yon.

CRAB CAKES, CRAB BISQUE, crab dip, crab salad? You'll see such from-the-not-so-deep classics on seafooderies' menus throughout the calendar. But the crab feed is a different story: These one-night-only events aren't just about rolling up of sleeves and crackin' crab, though; community is a focus, as is, quite often, fundraising. The crab feed also, at least 'round the Golden State, is very much a wintertime thing, and we say "wintertime" we do mean mid-January to late February, as a loose window. And while not every local club nor service organization'll be feedin' it up over those well-spiced weeks, plenty will, in towns, villages, and shore-close counties throughout Northern California. 

IS THERE ONE NEAR YOU? Little River Inn, in Mendocino County, just added a second 2019 crab feed, after the first one on the schedule sold out (Saturday, Jan. 19 is the date). The Great Sonoma Crab and Wine Fest is ready for its 30th go-around, all to give love to "scholarships, agricultural education, and advocacy," on Saturday, Feb. 2 in Santa Rosa. Heading to the USS Hornet on Saturday, Feb. 16? There's a crab feed that's doubling as a fundraiser, and, yep, you'll get to eye the Hangar Bay exhibits (there are VIP tickets, too, which include a tour). And at the Old City Hall Restaurant in Gilroy on Saturday, Jan. 26? It's a crab feed fundraiser for Operation Freedow Paws.

OF COURSE, if you crave lots and lots of crab, spread out over several days, in one of the most crab-tastic California places, best make for Mendocino County from Jan. 18-27. That's where it'll be all crab all of the time, or, rather, lots of crab most of the time, in addition to cool events, fun outings, and chance to take in the spectacular county in myriad ways, from the Skunk Train to horseback riding.

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