Big Sur Food & Wine Festival

"Roughed coastline" and "refined cuisine" meet up for a fall foodie party.

LOCATION, LOCATION... and location. Every place on earth has it -- spoiler alert? -- but whether that location lends itself to pursuits outside of just serving as a physical locale is another matter. We've all been through places that we're not unhappy to leave, and we've all been to destinations that we remember, with fondness and joy, anywhere from six to eight times each weekday (and about that much on weekends). And while our happy places probably vary, because people, as they say, are all different, we're pretty confident that Big Sur is on the "think-about-it-six-to-eight-times-each-weekday-list" for the majority of visitors who've experienced its cliffy heights, its condor swoops, and watching the sun get cozy with the Pacific from a lofty patio (watching, of course, with a glass of vino in hand).

WHICH MEANS... that when a food festival takes over a pretty autumn weekend, and it happens to be centered around a happy place shared by many, it is likely to be extremely choice. And so the Big Sur Food & Wine Festival is. So choice that it rambles over four tasty days -- Nov. 7 through 10 in 2013 -- and covers a lot of culinary ground. Like? A Pinot Walkabout at Post Ranch Inn (those words are so pleasing we practically want to engrave them on a charm necklace) and a Winegrower Dinner at Big Sur Roadhouse. Tastings, events at the Henry Miller library, and Hiking with Stemware are all on the calendar. And each event is priced separately, meaning you only have to sign on for what you're digging.

AND... no hard feelings meant toward everywhere in the world that doesn't have "Big" or "Sur" in its name. Yes, there are fine foodie gatherings everywhere, but very, very few boast the classic "roughed coastline" of Big Sur. Why not enjoy it over a fine meal or two? It can only up your happy place's stature in your daily well of go-to happy thoughts.

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