Bites + Bevs Star at This Big Sur Fest

The November nosh-around shines the love on several coastal favorites.

IF YOU'VE EVER CLAIMED, in a poetic fashion, that you've eaten up a gorgeous view with your eyes, then you've been lucky enough to see a very splendid place. And while pitting one place against another in terms of their eye-munchability seems like an unwise exercise, anyone who has ever encountered Big Sur knows that, yes, you do just kind of want to eat it all up, gobble gobble, because the scenery is so delicious. But, and this is no surprise to any visitor who has spend time in the coastal burg's restaurants, there are places within that delicious scenery that actually do serve food that can be eaten, and not just with the eyes. And come a special weekend in November? That food, and local vinos, are in the celebratory spotlight. So what's a party called that is in a place that's so pretty you could eat it? It's the...

BIG SUR FOOD & WINE FESTIVAL, which will fall into three autumnal days of dining bliss from Nov. 7-9, 2019. Hiking with Stemware is one popular choice (you head to an "undisclosed private property" for the chance to quaff, chow down, and savor that quintessential Big Sur sunshine) while the Pinot Walkabout at Post Ranch Inn will call upon the fabled destination's garden for a few hours of excellent vino enjoyment ("20 wineries and 6 chefs" are set to show at this bucket-list-y happening). You can pick this event or choose that outing, rather than having to commit to the whole weekend, if you'd also like to spend some time basking in Big Sur's plentiful, beyond-the-plate pleasures. But the pleasures on the plate? They're pretty perfect, like those aforementioned, oh-so-delicious vistas that, yes, we just want to gobble up each time we behold them again.

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